Cycle. Insularity. Circle. A strong-willed fearless Soviet woman didn’t only keep world peace, country and her own family on the shoulders, but also used to show her best qualities as a woman through compassion, kindness and patience. Harsh reality left a mark not only on the facial expression but also influenced the school of cut that is shown in coats. To make everything from scratch, to patch everything up in order to prolong the longevity of any clothes and to use only available resources, when nothing was available, is a typical characteristic of that epoch and a definition of a thrifty woman nowadays, what is rather an exception to the rule recently. The whole epoch sunk into oblivion and shame went there with it, the latter is still believed to be a distinguished characteristic of our culture. The country has moved towards a bright carnal future in as form of rebellion, which was manifested in all spheres of life. The idea of the project is to show liberation from the fetters and patterns of behavior, freedom of expression through tearing up red threads as a symbol of Soviet times that runs out through all pictures. To disconnect the circle. To interrupt the cycle. To establish chaos.


Photographer: Antony Maloy
Makeup: Yulya Nasibullina
Model: Lyuba Kirilina
Fashion Designer: Anita Grey
Location: Contemporary Art Gallery GMII RT