To Hide That Pump

To hide a pump under the dress is a very tricky task, as not all the apparels are meant for diabetes. A research should be conducted among the females with diabetes type 1, to understand what features should that special piece of clothing has to have in order to accommodate their needs. I realized that the lack of the garments that would give access to the needle on the belly is not the main issues the main problem was the society that was not ready to accept that some people need to prick the finger in order to check the sugar level. Let’s design the dress where you have no change to hide the pump! Let us those who re healthy be ashamed for our ignorance, not those who has to deal with the disease on the daily basis and hide it. I am about to provoke you with the beauty of these females as well as the needles they have to show off to us!


Photographer: Marina Chinuk
Hair: Viktoriya Okuneva
Model: Yuliya Goreva
Fashion Designer: Anita Grey