Made out of plastic

One of the founders of the modern theatre, Konstantin Stanislavsiy said: “Theatre is an art of reflection”. The reflection of the current life-styles when surrounded with plastic-made products influenced me to create a collection of upcycled of PET fabric garments. Made Out of Plastic collection is an exaggerated reflection of my world that could have only existed on a theatrical stage but echoes into the reality of current day. “What a combination of colours!”, “isn’t it too bright?”. Let’s do whatever it takes to draw attention to how much plastic is out there and how it becomes part of the landscape. Not just for the sake of enlarging landfills.


Photographer: Antony Maloy
Makeup: Yulya Nasibullina
Model: Lyuba Kirilina
Fashion Designer: Anita Grey
Location: Contemporary Art Gallery GMII RT